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Go where you want to go — just hop on our bus

One of our goals is to encourage all of Columbia’s older adults to engage in cultural opportunities — whether they’re Vantage House residents or not. So we’ve partnered with the Columbia Association’s Senior Advisory Committee to provide free curb-to-curb evening and weekend shuttle service to cultural events throughout Howard County for people 60 and over….Read More

Three myths — and truths — about retirement living

At Vantage House, our residency counselors hear many common misconceptions about retirement living. Maybe you’ve held onto one or two of these yourself. If so, read on to learn the real truth behind retirement living at Vantage House. Myth #1: “I don’t need to move. I’m still healthy and active.” Truth: Actually, that’s the best…Read More

Downsize your life; upsize your lifestyle

You might look around your home and think, there’s no perfect time to move to a retirement community. Downsizing, packing, getting your home ready to sell — good thing you’re retired, because that sounds like a full-time job in itself. But making your move isn’t a full-time job when you have access to the right…Read More