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Use Technology to Connect with All Generations

Are you getting the most out of your technology? Here are some must-have apps for your phone and tablet that residents at Vantage House Retirement Community use to keep connected with the people in their lives and to make daily living less of a chore. They’re so easy to install and use, you won’t need…Read More

It’s More Than Puppy Love

Expert’s Perspective Animal Companions Can Be Good For Our Health Residents Leslie Glassberg and Mike and Nancy Berla can’t imagine life without their animal companions. Glassberg’s dog, Bailey, gets her up and out for their early morning walks. And the Berlas’ cat, Mina, cuddles with them at night. But living with companion animals is more…Read More

Seeing The Sights on a Segway

There is a man cruising the paths around Downtown Columbia on his Segway. That’s Joel Broida, and he’s not a police officer or security guard, although he’s sometimes mistaken for one. Often, he’s with his wife, Gail, and they’re just out for a ride. On a nice day, they leave Vantage House and “glide” around…Read More

Prudence Barry: Creativity At Any Age

Prudence Barry’s life has always been about the arts and creativity. “I was determined, as a senior citizen, to continue being creative,” she says, “We can be creative at any age.” A lifelong actress and poet, she saw no reason why that should change when she reached a certain age. A longtime resident of Columbia,…Read More

Get Going!

Fitness Coordinator Vivian Smith wants residents to get up, get out, & get going! Exercise is the key to healthy aging. With regular exercise, you can help boost your energy, reduce falls, manage symptoms of illness or pain, and maintain your independence. If you’ve never exercised before or strayed away from your routine, follow these…Read More

Post Retirement Time Management

by Fran Minakowski A 30-year resident of Columbia, Maryland, Nancy Berla has a weekly schedule that even a Gen X youngster might find daunting. There’s tennis three times each week and a Spanish-language conversation group (“I’ll never be fluent!) and even a Spanish book club that requires her attention. She attends exercise classes and seizes…Read More


Every food we eat provides the body with a range of nutrients, each with its own role to play. Eating a balanced, varied diet every day, including foods that provide energy, fiber, protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, will ensure that you have everything you need for good health. The foods we eat are the…Read More

Go where you want to go — just hop on our bus

One of our goals is to encourage all of Columbia’s older adults to engage in cultural opportunities — whether they’re Vantage House residents or not. So we’ve partnered with the Columbia Association’s Senior Advisory Committee to provide free curb-to-curb evening and weekend shuttle service to cultural events throughout Howard County for people 60 and over….Read More

Three myths — and truths — about retirement living

At Vantage House, our residency counselors hear many common misconceptions about retirement living. Maybe you’ve held onto one or two of these yourself. If so, read on to learn the real truth behind retirement living at Vantage House. Myth #1: “I don’t need to move. I’m still healthy and active.” Truth: Actually, that’s the best…Read More