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Wellness with an emphasis on well.

Residents are proactive about maintaining their best health. They stay active in mind, body and soul because they want to live as healthy and happy as possible, for as long as possible.

With the 8 dimensions in our Circle of Wellness, we’re here to help them do just that – because we know healthy residents generally tend to be happier, and stay independent longer.

  • Physical – Maintain your best self on the outside.
  • Emotional – Improve how you feel inside.
  • Intellectual – Continue growing through learning opportunities.
  • Spiritual – Nurture the spark in your soul.
  • Vocational – Share your life’s knowledge with others.
  • Social – Stay connected with people around you.
  • Environmental – Enjoy a healthier atmosphere.
  • Health Services – Be proactive with doctors’ visits, right in our building.

Together, each of these 8 aspects of wellness works to create a well-balanced life for residents at Vantage House.

  • Continuing Care

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